Nicole, our practice manager and lead RVT preparing a goldendoodle for surgery, with inset picture of Nicole and her rescue dog, pitbull mix MarthaNicole

Practice Manager
Registered Veterinary Technician

Nicole is our Practice Manager and lead Registered Veterinary Technician who comes with years of experience and deep connections to the Comox Valley community. Nicole is passionate about creating positive experiences for your dogs and cats and making the vet clinic a safe and positive space for them.  Beyond her role in the veterinary field, Nicole is a proud mom of two teenage boys and shares her love for the outdoors with her partner, Chris, and their beloved 13-year-old rescue, Martha.  In her spare time you can find Nicole enjoying the sun with her pets, or surfing the waves on her paddleboard.

For the past 12 years, she has been an active member of the Canadian Animal Assistance Team (CAAT), a role she cherishes. Nicole loves volunteering for the organization, contributing her skills and time to support animals in need.  We are also very proud of Nicole for her ongoing participation in the Tour de Rock, raising money for children with cancer.  


Jo the office manager pulling stupid facesJo

Office Manager/Receptionist

Prior to moving from the UK to Canada with her family in 2001, Jo was previously a paralegal and then an export manager.  Once in the Comox Valley she decided to follow her interests and love of animals has been a Veterinary Receptionist for over 17 years.  Jo helps deal with our day to day administration, anything computer-related that breaks and other behind the scenes jobs that keep the clinic running.  She also loves getting to know our clients and patients as a part of our Reception team. 

Outside of work, she enjoys hiking with her two dogs, Matt – her very smoochy German Shepherd, and Poppet, a little pitbull mix.  She also loves riding her horses out on local trails, keeping fit with spin classes, and cooking up a storm and entertaining at home.   The latest addition to the family is Bug, a whirlwind of a kitten who is keeping everyone on their toes.

Cheyenne, our veterinary technician, cuddling a large long-haired grey cat.Cheyenne

Veterinary Technician

Cheyenne brings a global perspective to our team since relocating from France to Canada in 2011. Fluent in both French and English, she graduated from TRU’s Vet Tech program in December 2023 and is on her way to becoming a registered professional.

With a decade of veterinary experience in local vet hospitals, and a Fear Free Certification, Cheyenne specializes in feline care and is also a Certified Reiki Practitioner.

At home, Cheyenne shares her life with two chihuahuas, Leafie and Rin, and her main companion, FoyFoy, who has a great repertoire of tricks!  When not studying, she enjoys expressing her creativity through various artistic pursuits and unwinding with video games. Cheyenne’s dedication to animal welfare, coupled with her holistic approach to healing, makes her a valued member of our team.

Trina, our receptionist taking a call at our front desk



Trina has been with us at Tsolum since October 2022.  Trina brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our Reception team since joining us in October 2023. Trina serves as a dedicated 4H Leader, specializing in both Beef and Dairy cattle. Beyond her role here, Trina nurtures her own thriving hobby farm, where she tends to a diverse array of animals, including cows, chickens, dogs, cats, and rabbits.

Her  understanding of cattle and livestock management isn’t just a personal interest; it’s a valuable asset that directly benefits our farming clients. Whether they’re seeking guidance for farm appointments or ordering essential medication and products, Trina’s knowledge ensures that our clients receive support tailored to their unique needs.

Trina is also a mom to 6 kids, so she’s always busy!  And she takes care of us too 🙂


Kayla our veterinary assistant, aiding in a surgery on a goat's ear.Kayla

Veterinary Assistant

Meet Kayla, a dedicated member of our team since 2021. Armed with a Bachelor of Science Degree, majoring in Microbiology, she’s currently in the process of applying to veterinary schools worldwide.

Kayla’s passion for animal welfare extends far beyond her work here. As a committed MARS volunteer, she dedicates her spare time as a wildlife rehab assistant, contributing weekly for the past four years.

Kayla has embarked on four missions with the Canadian Animal Assistant Team (CAAT), providing vital veterinary care to remote communities. Kayla has ventured as far as Africa, spending two weeks at the Simbonga Reserve and Sanctuary, working closely with lions. Kayla has also lent her expertise to conservation efforts in Costa Rica, caring for sloths at the Animal Rescue Center. Kayla’s commitment to animal welfare is global as well as local! 



Ashley our veterinary assistant running bloodwork in our in-house labAshley

Veterinary Assistant

Ashley joined us in July 2022 and is currently pursuing her second year of studies to become a Veterinary Technician through Thompson Rivers University.  Ashely is Fear Free certified.  This certification is to assist pets coming in for appointments, to help reduce fear, anxiety, and stress. Alongside this, Ashley also works as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in the Comox Valley. She thrives on the variety and challenges that each day brings, whether it’s at the human hospital or the animal hospital!  Ashley assists with treatment plans, diagnostics in our in-house lab, and with patient appointments.  Her ability to manage her academic and professional time speaks volumes about her organizational skills.

On top of all that, Ashley is mom to a very active, beautiful young son – we don’t know where she gets her energy!  She shares her space with her companions Pepper, her mini poodle, and two affectionate cats named Bella and Cato. 


Tessa, our veterinary assistant, with her border collie Atlas.Tessa

Veterinary Assistant

A part of the Tsolum team since October 2023, Tessa brings five years’ of clinical experience working in local veterinary hospitals.

Prior to joining the world of veterinary medicine, Tessa was a fitness instructor for group fitness classes, including Spin Class and kickboxing.  Her lifelong love of animals decided her on a new path when she enrolled in the Animal Care Aide program at North Island College.  She graduated from the program in 2018 and may just be heading towards a Technician program in the near future!  Tessa’s favourite thing to do is to scrub in and assist in surgery.  Our veterinary assistants provide support to our Drs and veterinary technicians with a wide variety of tasks, such as monitoring recovery from surgery, helping in exams, preparing medical equipment, and so much more.

At home Tessa enjoys painting, knitting, playing with her kitty Ripley, and walking her gorgeous Border Collie, Atlas.



Mikyla our veterinary assistant, hodling a black cat that doesn't look particularly impressed to be spending time with us.


Hospital Assistant

Mikyla has been a valued member of our team since 2022 when she joined us to work after school and on Saturdays.  She is currently working towards her dream of a career in veterinary medicine, studying online pre-vet courses through Thompson Rivers University.

Mikyla works with us to help keep everything running smoothly.  There are lots of behind the scenes tasks that our assistants juggle to keep us on track, such as housekeeping, feeding patients, etc.  Mikyla also helps out as part of our Reception team. 

At home, she shares her life with an array of animals, including her eventing partner Spyderman, three dwarf goats, two cats, and two dogs. Alongside her studies and work, Mikyla prioritizes her health with regular gym sessions and enjoys unwinding at weekend bingo events with her family. Her dedication to animals, personal growth, and community makes her an invaluable asset to our team.


Sophia our veterinary assistant marking up tape, getting ready to autoclave some surgical gowns and drapesSophia

Hospital Assistant

Sophia has been working with the Tsolum team since 2023.  She makes sure we’re clean, organized, and lends a hand wherever she can.  She is our Receptionist on Saturdays when we are open for medication and food pick up. Sophia is also our Receptionist on Saturdays and whenever we need her to step in.

Sophia enjoys riding her Quarter Horse X, Fable, that she trained for dressage and for trail riding.  Fable loves going for rides in the horse trailer.  Sophia is a keen musician, both playing and composing, mostly on piano.  She likes working on arrangements from her favourite movies, accompanied by Buddy (a budgie who thinks he’s a human)!  Sophia is also a writer, having completed two manuscripts, and has ideas for more.  Sophia helps run her family farm where they raise pigs and goats and also some of the more elusive breeds of chickens, where they are the only breeder in Canada. 

Sophia plans to go vet school in the near future!  We are lucky to have such multi-talented colleagues.



Hospital Assistant

Ella is the newest addition to our Tsolum team. With a wealth of experience in caring for both large and small animals, Ella is perfectly suited for our practice. Her daily farm chores, which include tending to pigs, goats, sheep, cows, and rabbits, have honed her skills in mucking stalls, feeding, and assisting with tasks such as vaccinating and hoof trimming.  Beyond her farm duties, Ella shares her home with dogs and cats, further enriching her understanding and compassion for animals of all shapes and sizes. 

When not helping out on the family farm, Ella spends her time riding her two horses, a Quarter Horse called Pilot, and a Quarter Horse/Appaloosa called Remmy.  We’re excited to welcome Ella – her hands-on experience and passion for animal care make her an invaluable asset to our team and to the well-being of our patients.



Large Animal Assistant

Adel grew up on a hobby farm in the Comox Valley alongside cows, horses, chickens, goats and more which makes her experience and knowledge ideal for assisting our veterinarian on farm calls, whatever the weather!  No task is too big!  Handling and aiding large animals and other livestock truly brings her joy. 

Adel also helps us with our weekly farm deliveries for products and medications.  This allows our always busy farmers to get everything they need for their animal’s health without having to take time away from the farm. 

Between the farm calls, Adel works as a lifeguard and aquatic instructor.  She’s then welcomed home to the clucking of her chickens and the energetic welcome of her two pampered Spaniels, Charlie and Lily. 



Summer Students

At Tsolum we aim to provide opportunities to students (high school, university and veterinary) who are interested in the field of veterinary medicine. If you are looking into a veterinary career, please contact us as we have students joining us from local high schools as well as universities.


and not forgetting….

Dr Peter Parke holding a very fluffy German Shepherd/ Husky puppy.Dr Peter Parke

Veterinarian and Practice Owner

wait a minute, he’s got a whole page to himself…………..Meet the Doctor !








The Tsolum veterinary team showing off their paintings of a highland cow.

The Team showing off their large animal skills.