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  • Advantage II Canine Blue/vial
  • Advantage II Canine Red/vial
  • Advantage II Canine Teal/vial
  • Advantage II Feline 9 Orange/vial
  • Advantage II Feline Purple per vial
  • Bravecto Chew Tab Blue 20-40kg 1/pkg
  • Bravecto Chew Tab Green 10-20kg 1/pkg
  • Bravecto Chew Tab Orange 4.5-10kg 1/pkg
  • Bravecto Chew Tab Pink 40-56kg 1/pkg
  • Bravecto Feline Dark Blue 2.8-6.25kg
  • Capstar Blue per tab
  • Crumps Liver Fillets 330g
  • Crumps Plaque Busters – Bacon 7″
  • Dolpac 10 per tab
  • Dolpac 2 per tab
  • Dolpac 25 per tab
  • Ear Cleansing Solution 120ml
  • FortiFlora Canine (30)
  • FortiFlora Feline (30)
  • Hemp 4 Paws X-Large 1200mg
  • Interceptor Plus Blue 23mg per tab
  • Interceptor Plus Green 5.7mg per tab
  • Interceptor Plus Orange 2.3mg per tab
  • Milbemax Tab 16mg (4)Advantage II Canine Blue/vial
  • PR Diet Canine Treats
  • Profender Feline
  • Profender Feline
  • PVD Feline Essentials
  • RC Vdiet Canine GI High Energy
  • RC Vdiet Canine GI Low Fat
  • RC Vdiet Canine GI Mod Cal
  • RC Vdiet Feline Urinary SO
  • RC Vdiet Recovery RS
  • Revolution Canine Brown
  • Revolution Canine Plum 40-60kg
  • Revolution Canine Purple
  • Revolution Canine Red 10-20kg
  • Revolution Canine Teal 20-40kg
  • Revolution Feline Blue
  • Revolution Puppy/Kitten Mauve