Lost pets can’t tell us where they live. Proper identification can!

Let’s face it – nobody plans to lose a pet. Regardless of how it happens, it can be a traumatic experience for both the pet and their owner. According to the BCSPCA, as few as 5% of cats and 25% of dogs are able to be returned to their guardians because they have no form of ID, but 95% of animals with identification are reunited with their owners.

Fortunately, we can increase the odds of having our beloved pets returned to us safely by ensuring they have proper identification in the event the unthinkable happens. All dogs and cats should have at least two forms of ID. First is a visible tag that includes your pet’s name and your phone number. Second is a microchip implant. Microchips are excellent, inexpensive means for permanent identification in the event your pet loses its collar. The benefits of microchips are discussed here on the CVMA website. Each pet is given a unique code so that animal shelters and veterinarians can trace your pet back to you. Remember, your pet’s successful return home depends on you keeping your contact information up to date with your veterinarian and the data bank with whom supplied the microchip.  At Tsolum Veterinary Hospital we offer a complimentary microchip implant and registration with all of our spay and neuter surgeries. 

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Losing a pet can be a gut-wrenching experience for everyone involved. We encourage all pet owners to take advantage of all means of identification for your pet.


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