Good nutrition can be key to preventing many of the health problems we see in our pets today.

Diet is one of the aspects of animal health that you as the pet owner have the most control over. There are many options for your pet, and no two animals are the same.

Nutrition is key in overcoming one of the biggest epidemics today – obesity. It is estimated that 40% of pets are overweight, and this can lead to a wide range of health problems for your beloved family member. These can include arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Learn more about health hazards associated with obesity here on the CVMA website. Luckily, there are solutions to combat obesity. Along with exercise and portion control, there are a variety of specialty veterinary diets that are tailored to weight management.

Food allergies are another growing concern among our pets, especially dogs. You can learn more about food allergies and their clinical signs in dogs here on the CVMA website. Fortunately, the industry has responded with creating new diets that include novel proteins, novel grain sources, and/or hydrolyzed proteins. Through diet trials, you and your veterinarian will work towards a diet that provides the solution to your pet’s allergy.

Whether you’re worried about your pet’s weight, food allergy, or you’re just not sure what you should be feeding your pet, be sure to talk with our veterinarians here at Tsolum to help decide which options are best suited to you and your pet. We carry many of the veterinary diets here at the clinic, and if we don’t have the one you need, we can special order it in for you!

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